Blueprints-IconThis ad unit is a Fairfax Blueprint rich media execution.


Click here to view gutters on The Age homepage.


Gutter images are displayed outside of the site’s boundaries, providing a strong presence for your marketing messages and are shown to users with adequate screen resolution and screen real-estate. Background colours can be changed to match your brand in some instances and the gutters have a click-through to your website.

Product Rules

  • Clickable area is restricted to the gutter image’s dimension.
  • Gutter images must include a logo or other form of client identification. The images must be clearly expressing their nature as advertisement in order not to deceive users.
  • Gutters require pre-approval.
  • Images are static, animation is not allowed.
  • Typically the top of Gutter Images are positioned to the top of the content area which in some cases is underneath the site navigation
  • The left and right sides should be designed in such a way as to blend with the background colour. At least a 5px fade around the edges is recommended, the exact treatment should be led by the creative on hand.
  • Some users may have screen resolutions too narrow to display the gutter area. In these cases the images will be removed from the page.
  • This product is only supported on desktop devices!
  • Sold exclusively with MREC and/or Leaderboard.
  • Where can this run? See the Site Matrix


  • A single jpeg image built to the specifications below. Gutters are served and hosted by Fairfax and cannot be 3rd party adserved.
  • Please download the latest PSD template to prepare your creative.


  • Clicks*
  • Impressions
  • There are no Rich Media metrics for gutter creative

* Clicks will be measured as an overall metric and not individually, this may mean that they are tracked as an accumulative of gutter clicks & mrec clicks. To track gutters and mrec separately third party tracking must be provided.


Lead Times

TIER 2: 5 business days lead time.

Fairfax Blueprints and Fairfax custom builds may be subject to minimum spends and/or production costs – refer to your Account Manager for further details

Creative specifications can change at any time – always refer to the AdCentre.


 DimensionsFile SizeFile TypeNotes
Gutter Image1242(W) X 700(H) pixels100KBJPG/GIF/PNGBackground colour to be supplied in hexadecimal format (e.g. #FFFFFF)
Click URL / TrackingClick through URL or optional 3rd party click tracker
Impression TrackerOptional overall Impression tracker