The Tablet Full Page Static Advertisements are currently available for SMH for the iPad, The Age for the iPad, The Canberra Times for iPad with iOS4+ Operating System installed. The static interstitial creative comprises a single page advert with optimised versions for both portrait and landscape orientation. The execution is built based on a pre-designed template which requires a set of pre-defined elements.

Blueprints-IconThis ad unit is a Fairfax Blueprint rich media execution.


The Tablet Full Page Static creative enables advertisers to present a full page advertisment within the index and article carousel on the suite of Fairfax masthead tablet apps.

For advertisers, the key benefits of the Tablet Full Page Static advertisement are its ability to drive maximum branding impact by allowing prominence of the advertising message with a larger canvas for creativity and effect.

Product Rules

Both landscape and portrait images must be supplied
A 60x25px close button will always be added to the top right-hand corner of the advertisement. This will be done by the Fairfax team. Please bear this in mind when designing the static portrait / landscape image.


  • Click through URL
  • (Optional) Click through URL – landscape)
  • (Optional, not recommended) 3rd party impression tracking URL
  • Portrait background image
  • Landscape background image


In order to preserve user experience, full page iPad ads are preloaded in the device’s memory prior to being displayed. As such, Fairfax reported impressions are only counted when the ad is brought into 100% view by the user. As a result, Fairfax reported impression counts are likely to be lower than those recorded by advertisers’ 3rd party ad servers – this is normal behaviour and in no way impacts the delivery or performance of full page ads. Therefore 3rd party impression tracking is supported but not recommended.

  • Clicks (3rd party click tracking URLs supported for both portrait and landscape orientations)
  • Impressions (3rd party impression URL supported but not recommended)


DimensionsFile SizeFile Type
Portrait Image768 x 1024 px150KBjpeg
Landscape Image1024 x 768 px150KBjpeg

Lead Times

TIER 2: 5 business days lead time.

Fairfax Blueprints and Fairfax custom builds may be subject to minimum spends and/or production costs – refer to your Account Manager for further details

Creative specifications can change at any time – always refer to the AdCentre.