Meet the Costas – energetic, well travelled and no signs of stopping.

It’s Sunday afternoon and Claire Costa is cooking up a storm – curries and slow-food stews for the week ahead, plus a tagine for guests arriving that night. With veggies harvested by Peter, from the couple’s DIY garden.

Life’s so much better when you’re in tip-top condition. Apart from the whole-food diet and acupuncture sessions, they’re big into fitness, although Claire’s dud ankle means no more running. She’s swapped it for something a little tamer – archery.

"The doctor told me to stop jogging. So I’ve taken up archery instead."

When not living the good life at home, Claire and Peter, both 58, are travelling either for her work (as a wellness coach) or his (business development manager). Iceland, Borneo and Tasmania’s Wineglass Bay are all recent destinations, but they’re postponing the Galapagos Islands until after their third grandchild is born.

Because family are dear to Claire and Peter. They’ll squeeze in the time even if they’ve been socialising all week, or just returned from a 60th birthday bash in the country.

Active, engaged and ready to embrace more life experiences, our baby boomer readers just need one thing: your propositions on where to travel, shop and dine next.

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