Meet Frankie, next-generation consumer with a notable digital footprint.

For business-arts student Frankie, 21, and her IT student brother Oscar, 19, there was no life before digital.

Frankie submits her uni assignments online, makes new friends there and stays up late each night to get more followers to like her virtual art gallery. Oscar should be studying for his mid-year exams, but seems more interested in browsing for cool gadgets, and programming his first game. It’s called Xtreme Black Run and it’s gonna be huge.

"Owning three devices is completely normal. Shopping, socialising, even submitting assessments – it’s all online"

Offline, Frankie’s doing extra babysitting gigs so she can move into her first share-house, which will happen right after her first overseas trip. To Japan. She’s never liked the beach-n-booze variety of travel, preferring to expand her horizons instead.

Savings? Sure – after she’s splurged on little things, like cute dresses by emerging designers, or handmade homewares from the markets. As long as it’s the next big thing. For her, shopping is all about the thrill, the price and how it’ll look posted on social media.

Which is what you’ll love about connecting with Frankie. Posts, re-posts and shares to millions more like her, always paired with just the right hashtags.

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