Introducing Greg, car enthusiast and serial buyer.

Street cred, performance or looks? Choosing his next car is an emotionally charged decision for Greg, 49, who has a checklist the length of his arm when he’s browsing the stats of his next potential vehicle. Which he’ll test-drive first, thank you.

For now, it’s all about upkeep of his current wheels. Regular wax application, conditioning to protect those leather seats, and quality tyres are non-negotiable expenses. Why buy lousy tyres that only compromise on handling and road safety ? Greg’s blood will boil just thinking about that.

"For me, buying a car is all how it drives. That, and straight-up visual appeal."

If money weren’t an issue, Greg would buy one car for the missus, a prestige Euro SUV for the family and a fiendishly pricy little Italian piece for himself. But that’s on the wish-list, for when his IT startup makes its first millions.

We nearly forgot – Greg does have interests apart from roaring down his favourite route (which he won’t reveal to anyone). He also enjoys planning his next vacation, mountain biking with mates, and breakfasting in the inner city with his wife and daughter.

When Greg isn’t comparing notes with his other car-mad friends, he’s browsing one of our publications, and getting revved up about his next big buy.

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