Introducing Ben, living the double-income-no-kids lifestyle.

He’s your consummate urban male, with a collection of limited-edition sunglasses and watches to rival any rock-star.

His cleaners come twice a week to keep the place spotless, and he keeps connoisseur wineglasses for each variety he drinks – deep cavernous ones for the vintage reds; high-stemmed ones for the intense whites.

Ben’s favourite possession is his 1950s British motorbike, but don’t ask him to fix it. That’s the job of his specialist garage, because he’s all about outsourcing. Except when it comes to home repairs or redecorating, when he gets to wield his set of pro handyman tools.

"I feel good when I’m surrounded by beautiful things."

Ben and his partner, Jade, work hard in their marketing jobs on weekdays and dine out at least four nights. Weekends are all about regeneration.

Saturday morning, he’ll be powering through empty roads from 6am on his titanium alloy cycle while she’s at strength-training class. Then it’s browsing the papers over brunch, or kicking back with friends at their all-new open-plan apartment.

Life’s peachy for Ben, who loves to tell friends all about his latest experience or purchase. Just show him how to reach the next level, and you’ve got his attention.

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