Introducing James, a high achiever with sights set for the top.

He wouldn’t be where he is without grit and determination.

In the last few years, James has completed his MBA, managed a major home renovation, and seen his investment portfolio bounce right back since the slumps of a few years back. (Which would have wiped him out, too, if James hadn’t had the foresight to buy income-protection insurance earlier).

And now he’s celebrating the rewards. A cellar full of French champagne. Glamorous dinner parties hosted by his interior designer wife, Andrea. Front-row seats at the Australian Open (although Andrea gave her ticket to James’ brother last time, and shopped for cocktail frocks instead).

"Think I have high standards? You should meet my wife."

He’s a family man too, by the way. Weekends are normally spent having good friends around, while splashing in the pool with the clan or teaching his talented youngest to drop-kick a soccer ball. That kid’s a chip off the old block, he is.

If that sounds opinionated, it is. James reads the news avidly, checking back throughout the day so he’s never stuck for an opinion or an idea.

Millions of our readers are just like James: upwardly mobile, ambitious and the first among all their friends to make life’s big moves.

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