As part of Fairfax Media – Australasia’s leading media company, Fairfax Events produces a portfolio of major events with the support of our leading media outlets. An expanding calendar of culture, entertainment, food, wine and sporting events attracts over 2 million participants each year. With a proud history of delivering world-class, vibrant, inspiring and professional events since 1971, Fairfax Events is an experienced event management specialist.

Fairfax Events partners with key stakeholders including advertisers, sponsors, charities, community groups, participants, sporting and government bodies. In addition to providing significant social and economic impact to local communities, over $30 million has been raised for hundreds of charities.

Fairfax Events innovates and inspires through a diverse calendar of world class events that engage and benefit the community.

To find out about event sponsorship opportunities visit the Fairfax Events website or refer to the Contact Us section.