1,800,000 UNIQUE USERS P/M*


RSVP is Australia's leading and most trusted online dating site*.  Over its 19-year history, RSVP has helped more than 4 million Australians connect, with with over 1,200 new members signing up everyday.   RSVP is committed to helping singles find great dates.

Oasis is Australia’s largest free online dating platform, with more than 3 million Australians having made new, real time connections through the platform. Over 1.3 million profile likes and 250,000 conversations are exchanged between Australians every day, with a focus on casual dating and friendships.

Online dating has established itself as the third most popular** way to meet potential partners in Australia, after meeting through family/friends and work.  Nearly half of Australian singles have tried online dating, making RSVP and Oasis an effective way to tap in to a large pool of the Australian population.  

  • RSVP is a paid service, with 51% of members between 36-55 years of age
  • Oasis is a free service, with 63% of members between 18-35 years of age
  • 10% crossover in audience between RSVP and Oasis
* Google Analytics | May 2016. RSVP and Oasis combined database.
** Research commissioned by RSVP and conducted by Nielsen.  More than 3,300 Australians were surveyed in February 2015.

Total digital overview

With RSVP and Oasis, you can target people and not pages. Partners have the ability to target logged-in users who have declared data for use in their online profile, including postcode location, age, gender, interests and hobbies. WHY RSVP and OASIS? RICH DATA SET: Through the use of rich 1st party declared data, you can ensure that you are targeting the right people on which ever section of the site you choose. NEW AUDIENCES: There is a low cross over between OASIS and RSVP (10%), with over 60,000 new members joining every month, RSVP/Oasis provide a continuously refreshed audience. CROSS PLATFORM: Available to target users regardless of the platform they use – mobile, desktop and tablet.
Source: Google Analytics | May 2016.

Desktop overview

RSVP and Oasis are the leading destinations for dating in Australia, and key organisations in the Fairfax Digital Network. Although mobile use has increased significantly in recent years, site usage data shows 68% of people still access the RSVP/Oasis network on their desktop and make over 200,000 connections each day. As the popularity of online dating continues to grow, our RSVP Date of the Nation Report (2015) shows that 50% of single people have tried it – making RSVP a targeted way to tap into a mainstream audience. RSVP's highly targeted dating process means that we have a wealth of information on our members, enabling highly targeted campaigns to be built across the site (mobile and tablet) as well as via our email database and our events. Unlike other websites, RSVP not only collects age, life-stage and geographic demographics but also detailed information on member lifestyle, personal preferences and habits. The emotive nature of dating means our members are highly engaged with our communications with high open rates and time on site. Time on site (including mobile; which is over 22 minutes per visit) averages 14 minutes per visit and in peak 19 minutes per visit.
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Source: Google Analytics | May 2016.

Smartphone & Tablet overview

57% of RSVP/OASIS members use their mobile device to access the network, with over 8.4 million visits per month on RSVP alone. RSVP mobile solutions give members all the features they have come to recognise and enjoy from our desktop offering in the palm of their hand anywhere at any time. We aim to stay at the forefront of mobile for the dating industry so continuously invest in these platforms. In addition to smartphone and tablet advertising, OASIS and RSVP communicate to members via various opt-in eDM channels, which are available to advertisers for sponsorship eDM opportunities. Key eDM information: - Approximately 400,000 subscribers - Only sent to active members - Targeting segments available e.g. Travel, Events etc. - Sold on a cost per open basis, with open rates of 20%+
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Source: Google Analytics | May 2016.


50% Males
50% Females
  • 16% Professionals
  • 7% Business Owner
  • 7% Management
  • 3% Tradesperson