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With a proven history of providing the best news, opinion and analysis, our Sport sections in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald are a must-read for those who wish to be fully informed about the world of sport. Our print products consistently set the agenda for the day’s news and provide quality commentary surrounding issues that stir the passions of fans, sponsors, administrators and players alike. By advertising within our print products, you can be guaranteed to reach an engaged and knowledgeable audience that can recognise products and services of quality.

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63% Male
37% Female
Social Grade
  • 34% Social Grade A
  • 24% Social Grade B
  • 18% Social Grade C1
  • 14% Social Grade C2
  • 10% Social Grade DE
  • 6% Less than $40,000 per year
  • 29% $40,000-$79,999 per year
  • 24% $80,000-$119,999 per year
  • 17% $120,000 or more per year
14% S.I.N.K.S
14% D.I.N.K.S
34% Families
30% Empty Nesters
  • 10% Managers
  • 2% C-Suites
  • 20% Business Decision Makers
  • 6% Technical Trades
  • 4% Community & Personal Services
  • 6% Clerical & Administrative

Print readership

  • Average Issue Readership
  • Monthly Readership
Source: *Average Issue Readership: Sportsday (SMH/AGE M-F), Weekend Sport (SMH/AGE Sat), Sport (Sunday AGE/Herald) All L4W Av. **Monthly Readership: Sportsday (SMH/AGE M-F), Weekend Sport (SMH/AGE Sat), Sport (Sunday AGE/Herald) All L4W Net

Desktop readership

  • Unique Audience
  • Page Views
  • Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss)
Source: Fairfax Sport Digital = Age Sport