Fairfax Media Case Study: ALDI Mobile Case Study

ALDI partnered with Fairfax Media to reach grocery buyers through high impact mobile executions. The campaign was designed to convey key messages of the supermarket retailer offering great quality products at everyday low prices and to drive store visitation.

The success of the campaign was measured through Australian first mobile ad effectiveness methodology run by research company Millward Brown. The methodology launches a survey invitation upon exposure to the mobile advertising, providing a more accurate read of the effectiveness of exposure, rather than relying on traditional research methods of ad recall or ‘jump page’

The partnership proved to be an incredibly successful fit, with significant gains in both ad recall and persuasion metrics of brand favourability and visit intent that were driven by strong creative executions, premium on-screen placements and successful targeting of the target audience.

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Position ALDI as offering quality products at everyday low prices
  2. Drive store visitation intention

Campaign Period:

March – April 2014

Target Audience:

Primary grocery buyers aged 25-54 years

Research Methodology:

A simultaneous capture of control / exposed sample was employed with invitation to complete an online survey launched via site intercept methodology (n=1,028)

Creative Execution:

The ALDI campaign was run as a mobile-platform advertising execution across all Fairfax Metro masthead m-sites as well as the Essential Baby, Essential Kids and Good Food m-sites. High impact video OTP’s were featured on the masthead m-site homepages, whereas the lifestyle sites showcased a premium placed banner.

The Results:

  • Creatively, the campaign hit the mark, with visually impressive and well branded ads that grabbed attention, contributing to a significant increase in mobile ad recall of over 8% points
  • Fairfax was a very suitable selection as multimedia partner for this campaign, with a reach of 73% of the target audience of main grocery buyers
  • The key brand theme of ‘ALDI offers quality products’ made a connection amongst the key audience segment with a media impact lift of 5% points, as did the brand attribute of ‘ALDI offers everyday low prices’ which also experienced an upward media impact lift, indicating that the campaign is helping to position ALDI as offering quality products, without sacrificing its position of providing everyday value
  • Pleasingly, the combination of strong creative executions, premium on-screen placements and successful targeting of the audience translated into an increased affinity with ALDI and intention to visit, with both brand favourability and visit intent experiencing significant lifts of 4.5% and 7% respectively
  • With no existing benchmark norms available for this new mobile methodology, the most relevant comparison was against online campaign norms for the retail category. Brand impact metrics outperformed global online norms for mobile ad recall, brand favourability (top 20% of all retail campaigns) and visit intent (top 10% of all retail campaigns); and performed strongly against mobile norms for persuasion metrics of brand favourability and intent
Source: Dynamic Logic Mobile Advertising Effectiveness Research June 2014