Promoting the notion of more. 

Campaign Period:

Sept 2012 – April 2013

 What Women Want Campaign:

With Sunday Life’s positioning of BODY. MIND. INSPIRATION, together with Daily Life’s strong online presence, both brands provided the perfect vehicles to promote Blackmores’ visionary positioning. The campaign consisted of three elements: a survey, bespoke content and a reader event.


    Build a stronger connection

    Promote Blackmores’ superior brand quality and heritage, so customers aren’t swayed by cheaper brands. Drive brand awareness and consideration of Caltrate Vitamin D.


    Health aware individuals

    Women who are determined, seek more from their mind and body, and are aware of the positive benefits vitamins and minerals have on their health.


    The notion of ‘more’

    To help position Blackmores as a more visionary company, the ‘What Women Want’ campaign was created with the notion that women want more. MORE involvement in relevant environments, MORE engaged conversations, MORE consistency of messaging.


A special survey was run on Daily Life aiming to discover everything there is to know about women. What makes the modern Australian woman tick? What motivates her? Makes her happy? Sad? How do Australian women feel about the future? WHAT DO WOMEN WANT?
The survey ran for 4 weeks across desktop and m-site platforms, and attracted 1524 respondents. Support was provided by ‘What Women Want’ call-outs, promoting survey participation, coupled with Blackmores advertising within Sunday Life throughout the duration of the campaign.

Covers & Editorial

Unique Sunday Life covers were designed using Blackmores’ green brand colouring, together with special Editor’s Letters and engaging ‘What I know about..’ editorial pieces. These highlighted personal experiences, views and opinions of the opposite sex, by Ben Folds, Marjorie Bligh, Nick Earls and John Taylor.


To continue engagement, a new wellbeing page was created specifically for Blackmores within The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Inspired by the ‘What Women Want’ campaign, this regular column discussed relevant topics covering the body, mind and soul.

Sunday Life Special Edition

The results of the ‘What Women Want’ survey were published in a special Sunday Life edition on Nov 18th 2012. The special issue, in partnership with Blackmores, was filled with loads of wellbeing content relevant to the findings of the survey.

Reader Event

A special event was held at Sydney’s The Ivy on Nov 12th 2012, hosted by Jessica Rowe and sponsored by Blackmores, attracting over 100 Sunday Life and Daily Life readers. An invitation was promoted within Sunday Life and on Daily Life, to encourage readers to attend. Guest speakers on the panel included; Jacinta Tynan, Jane Caro, Kerri Sackville, Tara Moss, Emily Maguire and Paula Joye, who discussed body and health, sex and relationships, family, career, money and more.

Smashing Results:

  • Female’s likelihood to recommend Blackmores Caltrate Vitamin D shifted significantly: +16% pts
  • Purchase Intention +9% pts
  • Brand Favourability +9% pts
  • Brand Recommendation +7% pts
  • Brand Consideration +6% pts
  • “Exposure to the campaign in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and Sunday Life magazine helped Blackmores maintain its top ranking in the competitive set.”