The strong relationship between Employment Seeking and News Reading

Fairfax Media recently conducted custom research around its employment seekers to better understand the synergy that exists between job seeking and news reading as well as identifying the challenges that employment seekers face in a world where online connectivity has infiltrated consumers’ lives and been integrated into their world.

The research uncovered some very interesting insights into the relationship between these two activities -

  • Mobile connectivity has increased the opportunity for job exploration beyond traditional weekend times. It is just as common for Fairfax Media job seekers to be searching for jobs during commute times and half are not switching off during holiday periods either.
  • Two-thirds (62%) of the total Fairfax Media web, mobile and print audience are in the job seeker market AND are interested in finding out about new job opportunities whilst browsing the news of Fairfax Media platforms.
  • Passive job seekers make up a large part of this segment (74%) and while they are regularly found on Fairfax Media news platforms, they are much less commonly found on traditional employment sources such as employment sites or professional networks.
  • Employment ads on Fairfax Media have the ability to elevate perceptions of the job and advertised company with job seekers agreeing that the connection with Fairfax Media makes a role appear more credible, worth considering, positive, trustworthy and desirable.

To download the results, click below:

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