Fairfax Media: Essential Baby Audience Study

Our Essential Baby audience is busy – juggling family and work commitments on a daily basis. This piece of research aims to understand the biggest changes in our audiences’ grocery and retail purchasing behaviour over the last two years and how media across different platforms assists them in their path to purchase.

Key insights include:

  • Essential Baby attracts an audience of high spending grocery buyers, with half spending $200 or more on their weekly grocery shops
  • Essential Baby mum’s favourite grocery brands include Huggies, Babylove and Johnson & Johnson for nappies and baby wipes; Cadbury and Lindt for chocolate; Kellogg’s and Sanitarium for cereal; Nescafe & Moccona for coffee; Twinings and Lipton for tea; Mainland, Supermarket brand and Bega for cheese
  • On average, Essential Baby mum’s spend between $200 – $750 on toys every year, with 30% spending $500 or more. Toys are most commonly purchased at Target, Big W and online with 38% of Essential Baby mum’s seeking toy sales out on a regular basis

Download the full research report below:

Essential Baby Audience Study