Fairfax Business Network Digital Survey

A recent survey uncovered how Fairfax Business Network digital audiences (i.e. AFR.com and Business Day) have a preference for engaging with content and services across multiple digital platforms and have particularly high usage of mobile and tablet devices for shopping research and purchasing. The results found that:

  • 92% use their tablet to research and purchase products, with 60% seeking investment advice or researching real estate using their tablet
  • 72% have used their tablet to locate a store and 52% have purchased a product using their tablet
  • Advertising in Fairfax Business Network apps is a strong driver to action, with 7 in 10 purchasing or finding out more about a product after seeing it advertised in a tablet app

To view the survey highlights, click the link below:

For more information contact your Fairfax Media Sales representative or the Contact Us Section.