Fairfax Media undertook a study to explore consumers’ relationship with their tablet devices and how consumers interact with news websites / apps on their tablet compared to other news platforms. Of particular interest was to understand the relationship audiences have with Fairfax Media’s tablet app properties to help uncover what drives the engagement with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age tablet apps.

Highlights from the research piece as follows;

  • Tablets have relevance right across the week, with 74% using their tablets everyday of the week.
  • Tablets are the go to news device when consumers want to relax, with close to half using their tablets when they want some 'me time' or having a lie in bed.
  • High levels of loyalty to Fairfax Media’s tablet apps; 72% have been using The Sydney Morning Herald  or The Age tablet app for more than 2 years, with majority (78%) accessing at least daily.

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