Fairfax Media's ExecutiveStyle Audience Study

Fairfax Media’s ExecutiveStyle audience study sought to develop a deeper understanding about the ExecutiveStyle audience and the role that ExecutiveStyle plays in influencing their fashion and lifestyle choices.

Key findings included:

  • The research uncovered three personas who frequent the ExecutiveStyle website - Trending Millennials (18-34s who are constantly connected); Informed Professionals (inquisitive readers aged 35-49 who are tech savvy) and Refined Executive (conscious consumers aged 50+ at the height of their careers).
  • ExecutiveStyle is a trusted advisor on style and trends, with 9-in-10 of ExecutiveStyle audiences turning to the site to find out about new products.
  • With majority (96%) of ExecutiveStyle audiences looking for products that offer quality craftsmanship, it's not surprising that ExecutiveStyle audiences enjoy content that inspires luxury product dreaming.

To view the research, click the link below