With arts and cultural events being such an integral part of our lives, Fairfax Media ran a study to understand the consumer path to purchase cycle. In particular, the study focused on the role mobile plays in inspiring and influencing consumers’ decision making processes.

Highlights from the research piece as as follows;

  • Fairfax Media’s audience use mobile devices across all stages of the path to purchase; Tablet is particularly important in the discovery stage with 63% first noticing events while browsing on it;
  • Over 60% of Fairfax Media’s audience have used their mobile device to actively search for information about an event they want to attend; with half having purchased tickets on their mobile;
  • Fairfax Media’s content is highly influential; over 1-in-4 people have searched online for more information about an event after reading Fairfax Media’s content on their mobile device.

To view the report highlights, click the link below: