Fairfax Media's Small Business Audience Study

The Small Business Audience Study aimed to profile Fairfax Media's small business owners and identify areas of priority and concern that affect this audience. The research also aimed to identify where small business owners source information and advice from and in doing so, explore Fairfax Media's content offering for this audience.

Key insights include:

  • Over half of small business owners are sole traders (52%) and a majority of small business owners align their primary business strategy with a focus on long term sustainable profit (67%).
  • Growth is a priority for small business audiences in the next 12 months, particularly around growing their customer base (63%), improving operations and processes (44%) and building a digital presence (31%)
  • Fairfax Media's MySmallBusiness website has the ability to influence business decisions, with 82% of site visitors agreeing that it is a trusted advisor on business topics

To view the research, click the link below