Creating thought-provoking conversations.

Campaign Period:

March – July 2014

The Campaign:

Through the power of both brands, GE and the Financial Review set out to identify, discuss and resolve some of the nations’ toughest healthcare challenges. Over a 20 week series via an interactive platform, we put the magnifying glass on Australia’s healthcare industry in a big way and asked “what can we do better?”

Content was specially produced for multiple platforms including:

  • (desktop and tablet)
  • Financial Review newspaper
  • LinkedIn
  • Events
  • GE owned channels
  • Campaign Objectives

    Heathcare Leadership

    Position GE as solution focused, supporting and driving productivity, innovation and leadership within the healthcare sector.

  • Target Audience


    They are the movers and shakers at the top end of town. They work in large companies with revenue over $100 million or 1,000+ employees.

  • Strategy

    Solving the toughest healthcare challenges

    Create thought-provoking conversation with healthcare experts, academics and business leaders, pushing them to consider what’s possible and how we can work together as a nation to create change in the healthcare sector.


A custom built online hub was a centralised platform for all content generated throughout the series. A dedicated unit for GE was also coordinated, to post links to GE’s reports and to also drive extended audience reach between our shared channels.


A dedicated editor worked with GE to define topic selection over the course of the series. Each fortnight in the Financial Review, we published a full page of branded content incorporating a topical article supported by an insight piece from one of GE’s healthcare experts.


A selection of content from the online hub was extended into a dedicated weekly section in the AFR iPad app, supported by GE brand advertising.

Round Tables

A series of three expert panel sessions leveraged insights from the nation’s political, academic and industry experts, providing an open forum to discuss and debate the key issues affecting healthcare in Australia.The Hon Peter Dutton (Health Minister) attended the Health Policy roundtable. The three topics were:

Health Policy

Big Data

Healthy Ageing


The Healthcare 2.0 series culminated with an exclusive Symposium event, facilitated by Jenny Brockie at the SBS studios. Key topics discussed were Health Policy, Big Data and Healthy Ageing. We harnessed the expertise of Australian healthcare industry leaders and commentators including top CEOs, researchers, political figures and GE experts in an open forum discussion.


An exclusive online community sparked discussion and debate concerning issues in the healthcare industry. The LinkedIn platform allowed us to engage directly with our target audience on key topics concerning the healthcare industry.


The Financial Review editorial team provided a great amount of support for the launch of the initiative, by introducing the series with an Editor’s note and additionally on the Opinion pages.

Smashing Results:

  • LinkedIn Group
    740 LinkedIn Members
    20% growth in members
    Highest trending discussion had 15 comments

  • Content
    444 articles posted on the Hub
    3 filmed expert roundtables (Health Policy, Role of Big Data, Healthy Ageing)

  • GE Brand Integration
    880,000 ad impressions (7% uplift on forecast)
    16% average CTR on brand advertising
    1,796 total clicks on the GE reports links on the Hub Event

  • Event
    31 healthcare industry experts attended the Symposium from across political, research and education fields