Fairfax Radio Network – 2UE Case Study: Fred Rose

Fred Rose Bathrooms partnered with FRN’s 2UE to increase brand awareness and consolidate market share in the highly competitive bathroom renovation category.

Campaign Objectives:

  • To build brand awareness and brand equity ensuring Fred Rose remains among the top three considerations for a premium bathroom renovations that is value for money.
  • To drive residential inquiries.

Campaign Period:

July 2010 – on-going.

Target Audience:

People aged 35-64 years with retirement in sight. Not necessarily big money earners but looking to make the most of what they have.

Advertising Strategy:

A proliferation of cut price players on the market were eroding the premium market base. While others in the sphere tried to compete directly on price, we spoke only of quality and service. While positioning Fred Rose as a quality outfit we countered any suggestion of high costs by casting voices and delivering the messages specifically designed to communicate to the “every day man and woman”

Creative Execution:

In the renovation industry, the most powerful influence on consumers comes from referrals. Talk radio by its very nature is the perfect referral mechanism. We used live reads for direct personal referrals by on-air presenters coupled with testimonial style recorded spots. The colloquially styled positioning statement “can’t say better than that” was created and added to all advertising to simultaneously communicate value and quality while the well-established Fred Rose jingle provided the sonic trigger needed to aid in brand recall and on-air cut-through.

The Results:

  • “We’ve been on radio now for close to 25 years. We started off on local music and moved in to looking at all other stations and possibilities and we found a home at 2UE… With Talkback it’s a medium where can communicate. We can educate. We can build a relationship. We started… 4 years ago and we locked away a schedule we still use today because it’s a proven winner for our business. We just find it’s a comfortable and happy place for us. We know what our spend is going to be. We know what our results are going to be. We’re only on with UE now because we know it works… For us UE has exceeded all our expectations”
Matt Pace – Fred Rose Bathrooms 2013.