Fairfax Radio Network  2UE Case Study: Helen Wong’s Tours

Helen Wong’s Tours on-going partnership with FRN’s 2UE has reaped considerable branding and sales rewards for the company. By associating high profile 2UE personalities with specifically targeted product they have been able to influence a significant share of the sizable 2UE traveling audience.

Campaign Objectives:

  • To build brand awareness and drive sales of particular tours.
  • To expand the brand beyond China and Asia.

Campaign Period:

August 2009 – on-going.

Target Audience:

People aged 45-64 years looking for a high value zero maintenance travel experience.

Advertising Strategy:

Maintain brand awareness through consistent on-air activity over-communicating Helen Wong as the reputable, long-term expert in travel to Asia and beyond. Align and co-brand selected tours with 2UE Presenters who accompany travelers on the tour. Use this strategy to expand the Helen Wong brand beyond Asia.

Creative Execution:

The Helen Wong campaign involves concentrated bursts of high frequency live and recorded radio advertising that mirrors their print advertising and catalogue distribution. To date we have co-branded a number of Helen Wong Tours with 2UE Presenters. The most successful and frequent of which being 2UE’s top rated weekend presenters “George & Paul”. In addition to this ambassadorial approach, we have an on-going, second trier, pure branding campaign to ensure Helen Wong remains a top three choice whenever a 2UE listener contemplates travel.

The Results:

  • “I’m often asked about radio and how successful radio has been for our brand. More often than not I answer that radio, particularly 2UE in Sydney, has been a valuable part of our marketing mix. …We’ve partnered with George and Paul on 2UE weekends to sell our exclusive “listener tours” to China and other destinations in Asia. The experience for us has been tremendous. The service, and the creative ways we’ve been able to promote our destinations is one thing but it’s the results that keep us coming back. It’s great to know that 2UE is able to get the phones ringing, keep up the hits on the website and deliver quality leads that we’re able to convert into sales.”