Fairfax Media undertook a research study to gather insights around the Life & Style audiences’ behaviours with regards to their retail and grocery shopping activities and how mobile technology helps shape those decisions. In addition, we wanted to understand their general attitudes around key areas of their lives including, health and lifestyle. The research uncovered some key insights:

Shopping Habits from high end to high street

Our audience love to shop! Over 90% have purchased something from or visited a retail outlet in the last four weeks, with 54% agreeing that they like to mix their wardrobe with luxury and high street fashion brands

Advertising drives immediate action

Advertising plays a crucial role in the inspiration stage, with over half (55%) agreeing that when they see clothes advertised, they tend to look them up in-store or online

Life & Style online content is driving user engagement beyond the impression

Closer to three-quarters (70%) of Life & Style website visitors share, comment or engage with the content and mobile users are most likely to be social influencers. The Life & Style mobile audience are 25% more likely to share content via social media and 15% more likely to share this content via email compared to the general Life & Style online audience

Life & Style has a loyal & exclusive audience

There are high levels of exclusivity between Life & Style and competitive lifestyle websites as well as mass women’s and women’s fashion magazines. Over half (56%) of the Life & Style audience don’t regularly purchase mass women’s or women’s fashion newsstand magazines

To view the Life & Style results, click the link below:

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