Myer embarked on a campaign to bring back the fun and theatre to Christmas shopping by opening its Christmas Giftorium, a dedicated Christmas wondering offering, with an interactive in-store experience. To support this, Myer partnered with Fairfax Media to run a campaign to increase awareness of the Christmas Giftorium, drive in-store and online traffic and to showcase the diversity of Myer’s gift range. The campaign ran as a true cross-platform campaign, with the following results focusing on the impact of the campaigns mobile elements which ran across Fairfax Media’s m-site and tablet app properties. The research uncovered that Fairfax Media’s mobile properties had a strong impact across key brand and creative metrics, driving significant uplifts in ad recall, along with significantly shifting consumers’ consideration and preference towards Myer.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Drive awareness of Myer ‘s Christmas Giftorium
  • Drive in-store and online visitation intent
  • Drive awareness of the diversity of Myer’s gift range

Campaign Period:
November - December 2014

Research Methodology:
A simultaneous control / exposed survey of online panellists, with the survey covering category involvement, brand and creative diagnostics. Media consumption questions used to calculate the opportunity to see the advertising and determine ad exposure (n=742)

Measurable Results:

  • High impact ad placements on Fairfax Media’s mobile properties proved to successfully cut-through, with tablet app and m-site ad recall showing a significant uplift of 25% points and 17% points respectively, after campaign exposure. Notably, those exposed on the tablet app had the strongest ad recall of all platforms measured.
  • The campaign successfully converted non-regular shoppers through the purchase funnel, with those exposed on the tablet app and m-site experiencing significant uplifts for brand consideration (+ 20% pts and +27% pts respectively) and brand preference (+ 16% pts and +20% pts respectively).
  • The m-site element of the campaign drove significant shifts in consumer interest to shop at Myer in-store (+14% pts) and online (+16% pts). Interestingly, of all platforms measured in this research, exposure on the m-site had the highest shift in visitation intent both in-store and online.


Source: TNS, Myer Christmas Giftorium, December 2014