Fairfax Media Newspaper Inserted Magazines (NIMs) Audience Study

With their vision and strong editorial philosophy of quality, trust and integrity, Fairfax Media Newspaper Inserted Magazines (NIMs) offer unparalleled access to the homes and hearts of the most significant and influential segment of our society. Research conducted into this audience aimed to explore the type and level of engagement our audience have with NIMs and the role that NIMs play in their lives.

  • Fairfax Media NIMs reach a valuable, loyal audience with 78% looking forward to reading one of our NIMs titles, and 52% indicating that it is a key influence of their readership / purchase of the paper on that day
  • A hard to reach audience can be found on Fairfax Media NIMs titles – with at least two-thirds not reading any women’s fashion, mass women’s, business, financial and airline, or food and wine magazines
  • Over two-thirds have taken some sort of action after seeing an advertisement in a Fairfax Media NIMs title with 63% agreeing that NIMs add credibility to brands

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