May 2013

Video is a natural extension of news reading on websites

With online video one of the fastest growing platforms in both user consumption and advertising spend, Fairfax Media recently conducted a study to explore how our audience engage with our video content. The study uncovered some interesting insights on the frequent and broad consumption of the Fairfax Media online video content.

Highlights of the study include:

  • 88% of the short-form video audience say that video is a natural extension of their news reading experience on Fairfax Media websites
  • Fairfax Media long-form video content is viewed primarily due to the variety of exclusive content available through the and sites
  • A wide genre of videos are watched – news content dominates, with other categories such as Lifestyle, Entertainment, Documentary, Business, Travel and Food watched by at least half of Fairfax Media’s online video audience
  • Short-form video is in demand during the morning and evening commute times, while long-form video is viewed during the evening lounge times where there is more of a focus on Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries

Click the link below to view the highlights of the research report:

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