Taking travellers from dreaming to doing.

Campaign Period:

September 2015 - August 2016

The Campaign:

‘Network SA’ campaign was designed to raise awareness of the amazing experiences South Australia has to offer and drive visitation to the State. Over 200 pieces of native content showcasing the State and its unique appeal engaged audiences on, with continuous, data-led optimisation to draw readers through the purchase funnel: from dreaming about a holiday, to choosing South Australia, and finally booking their trip with Virgin Australia Holidays.


    Inspire and engage

    The campaign aimed to increase brand awareness of South Australia and inspire travellers to visit the State and experience its wide range of destinations and attractions.


    Those looking for a new escape

    Prospective travellers across Australia looking for experiences tailored to their own individual interests.


    Creating a holiday just for you

    Readers were engaged along the purchase funnel by targeted content and offers that appealed to their own interests. A personalised campaign experience that is relevant to prospective travellers resulted audiences booking a trip with Virgin Australia Holidays.


Over 200 pieces of native content, including articles, quizzes and engaging video showcased the State on A touch-enabled digital magazines also provided an immersive experience for audiences around key content themes.


Continuous data-led optimisation and re-targeting throughout the campaign prompted deep engagement, by encouraging further research into the State. As a result, audiences read twice as many pages on, exploring regions outside of the capital city, and researching experiences that extend beyond food and wine.


Targeted offers in e-commerce modules strategically placed throughout the campaign gave prospective travellers the ability to book their visit to South Australia while inspired by the content. The campaign saw great uplift in consideration, with a 32% point increase in visit intention and a 400% increase of interactions with the embedded Virgin Australia Holidays e-commerce modules.


The integrated data strategy gave unprecedented visibility over audience behaviours, showing that readers exposed to the campaign were 2.5 times more likely to travel to South Australia. In total the campaign delivered $10 million direct spend and economic impact to the State and a 6.7 times return on investment.


  • The South Australian Tourism Commission partnered with Fairfax to tell the State’s tourism stories in a unique way through their network of online platforms. Fairfax's audience insights identified what messages work, when and for whom they work best. Insights that identify the reasons people travel and why they travel to South Australia in particular are essential in developing tourism in our geography. Fairfax's understanding and analysis of digital behaviours have provided us with a successful, unique approach to engage prospective travellers to South Australia.

    Rodney Harrex
    Chief Executive,
    South Australian Tourism Commission