Planning Persuasion.

Campaign Period:

January – February 2014

  • Campaign Objectives

    Overcome perception problems

    An ignorance around what Adelaide could offer as a tourist destination existed. Our task was to overcome this perception and establish Greater Adelaide as a ‘big small city’ that is easily accessible and diverse.

  • Target Audience

    Experience seekers

    People 30-49 living in Sydney, who have a high disposable income which they enjoy spending on holidays. Their holidays are about intrinsic reward rather than brag factor – they crave high yield experiences.

  • Strategy

    Planning Persuasion

    Travel is a luxury, something we reward ourselves with and the research undertaken is a fundamental part of the enjoyment in the planning process. We wanted to satiate and exhaust that research time, to leave consumers truly convinced of the easily diverse and accessible offerings of Adelaide and its surrounds, to ensure visitation.

Long Read Article

With the focus on providing exhaustive content for our travel researcher, SATC was the first commercial partner to sponsor the Fairfax Long Read articles. These articles provide a richer content experience that goes far beyond standard articles. SATC’s new TV commercial, YouTube videos, photos and large interactive maps were interwoven within the article, providing a unique and engaging user journey. The header and footer topic navigation also allowed for an uninterrupted and continuous content experience, showcasing the diversity of the Adelaide region. Long read content provided a unique research experience, creating enjoyment through storytelling and assisted in moving the reader through the research phase to decision making with intention to visit Adelaide firmly set.

Editorial Drivers

These articles were supported by the editorial team with homepage editorial promotional drivers and additional placements across the articles pages.

Good Food Wrap

Rich destination content was also provided through a 4 page wrap of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food on high quality print stock.

Eat Street Sponsorship

Articles were also published on Eat Street profiling Adelaide dining ‘hot spots’.


SATC’s new TVC provided the audience with further inspiration and proof around the diversity and accessibility of Adelaide experiences. The TVC was placed across the Fairfax online network and included high profile placements, such as a SMH homepage takeover and the phantom, an ad unit that displays the TVC within and SMH Traveller online articles.

Impressive Results:

  • Display media successfully put Adelaide ‘on the travel agenda’
  • Online Ad Awareness +11%
  • Message Association +13.3%

  • The long read articles successfully boosted both spontaneous mentions of Adelaide, and recall of the online ads Online Ad Awareness +37.8%
  • Favourability +24.7%
  • Intent to travel +30%

  • Testimonial
    "We were thrilled to partner with Fairfax Media on this campaign, as the ‘Long-read’ article format was the perfect vehicle to bring the Adelaide destination brand to life. It was an important component of the overall campaign that allowed people to more deeply engage with what Adelaide has to offer a visitor, and drive intention to travel. The effectiveness results speak for themselves. The long read format delivered beyond our expectations, encouraging NSW readers to re-consider what they thought about Adelaide."

    Emma Nicholls
    SATC Director,
    Marketing and Communications