Showcasing Excellence.

Campaign Period:

February – November 2013

The Campaign:

Utilizing the platform of UTS’swell established magazine Brink, a unique balance was struck between communicating topical content across Fairfax platforms and showcasing UTS’s research excellence.

Stories where UTS has helped evolve technology were featured, catering to the more commercial aspect of the broader target audience.

  • Campaign Objectives

    Broaden commercial engagement

    The University of Technology needed to better differentiate the UTS brand against it’s competitors, to a broader commercial audience base.

  • Target Audience

    Engaged premium commercial audience

    Higher socio economic groups who are well educated and in the prime of their careers.

  • Strategy

    Showcase excellence

    Encourage greater engagement with the UTS brand via the promotion of the university’s research excellence and latest high-level achievements in academia.


The 8 page Brink magazine was inserted into The Sydney Morning Herald, as a monthly stand alone feature from February – November 2013 (10 in total). UTS also advertised in The Sydney Morning Herald for the first two editions to drive additional traffic and interest to the Brink feature.

Tablet and Online

Special functionality was created – custom templates, tailored labelling and embedded social media. These were essential tools considering the technologically savvy audience. Brink was also located within the drop-down section of The Sydney Morning Herald tablet app. To enable sharing capabilities for the audience, Brink content was housed online under the National section of smh.com.au.

Smashing Results:

  • 114,065 average monthly total page impressions

    Average ad CTR across the editions of 0.83%

    Huge increases in event subscriptions and audiences at events

  • Testimonial

    In conceiving Brink as a high-quality, news publication that would resonate with a broad audience, UTS saw The Sydney Morning Herald as the ideal communication channel. Readers have reacted positively to content produced to high editorial standards that focuses on UTS’s research excellence.
    Brink’s popularity in 2013 has enabled UTS to build a subscriber-based model for the publication; we have experienced an increase in event subscriptions and audience numbers at UTS events advertised in Brink; there has been a high click-through rate for UTS ads on the SMH iPad; Brink stories have been syndicated across Fairfax mastheads and have been picked up by other media, including TV and radio.
    Brink has garnered wide praise. Its success has led to ongoing UTS and SMH collaboration to explore how rich digital content can be extended to enhance other SMH products. Such innovation and partnership will increasingly be essential in the changing media landscape to deliver opportunity and value to publishers and marketers alike.

    Robert Button
    UTS Senior Manager,
    Media and Public Relations