Fairfax Media is Australia’s leading digital publisher, reaching around 11 million Australians

31 March 2016

Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly (DRM) data was released today.

According to Nielsen, Fairfax reached an audience of around 11 million people, or 55% of digital Australians, via sites and apps in February 2016.

DRM is an independent view of total unduplicated digital audiences across desktop, smartphone and tablet for web browsers and apps.

The new ratings methodology better captures Fairfax’s extensive network of mobile and app audiences, fusing smartphone and tablet panel data with Nielsen’s home/work PC panel data and tagged website data.

Fairfax Media Commercial & Marketing Services Director and IAB Australia Board member, Tom Armstrong, said: “DRM is the new industry-supported currency of digital audience measurement. It better reflects the fast progress Fairfax has made in growing digital audiences, particularly via mobile.

“The new methodology confirms the Fairfax Media network as Australia’s most popular digital publisher of quality content and journalism. It underlines the strength of our network in reaching and engaging with large-scale audiences and creating powerful connections between those audiences and advertisers.”

Leading Mobile Innovation
Fairfax’s digital network reaches 5.6 million Australians via smartphone and 2.4 million via tablet sites and apps. Fairfax’s most popular smartphone brands include Weatherzone, The Sydney Morning Herald, Domain and The Age.

“The new Nielsen ratings data provides a much-improved way to measure and independently benchmark our digital growth and success,” Mr Armstrong said.

“Fairfax continues to innovate across its expanding portfolio of digital products to enhance the experience of our audiences. Weatherzone is a great example of the highly-engaging mobile-driven utility we are delivering, connecting 2.2 million consumers via smartphone to valuable information while they’re on the go.”

Fairfax News Brands
Fairfax’s digital news network - which includes the SMH, The Age, WAToday, Brisbane Times and The Canberra Times - reached 7.6 million Australians, according to DRM data, reaching 57% of Australian digital news audience in February.

The SMH alone is ranked nationally as the second most popular current events and global news property on each smartphone, tablet and desktop platform categories in February.

The SMH is Fairfax’s most popular digital news property, attracting more than 4.7 million people to digital platforms nationally in February.

The smh.com.au is NSW’s preferred online news destination, with a bigger state-based unique audience than its rivals.

The Age attracted almost 2.7 million people to its digital platforms nationally in February, attracting nearly 1.5 million in Victoria - a bigger unique audience than its main publishing rival.

Fairfax reached 1.8 million people in February via its extensive network of regional and community digital news destinations, the largest being the Newcastle Herald.

Huffington Post Australia, the joint venture between Fairfax and The Huffington Post, reached 2.2 million people, according to DRM data for February.

Fairfax Business Brands
Fairfax’s business network - which includes Australia’s premier business publication The Australian Financial Review, Business Day and Business Insider Australia - reached 3 million Australians, according to DRM data, reaching 42% of Australian digital business and financial news audience.

The highly valuable quality journalism of the Financial Review and Business Insider together reached almost triple the unique audience of the comparable combined business offering of its main competitor.

Domain Group
Domain Group’s strong digital real estate network (including Allhomes) reached more than 4.1 million Australians in February, with 894,000 using the highly-engaging Domain app on smartphone or tablet according to DRM data.

This puts Domain Group in a powerful position in the national real estate listings market.

Domain website and app attracted an exclusive audience of 1.4 million people who did not visit its main digital competitor.

Fairfax Lifestyle Brands
Fairfax’s lifestyle network - which includes Good Food, Traveller, Life&Style, Essential Baby, Essential Kids, Find A Babysitter and Popsugar - reached 4.1 million people in February, a significantly larger unique audience than Ninemsn and Yahoo7 lifestyle brands.

Fairfax has strength in the parenting category, attracting an audience of 1.2 million across its parenting network which includes Essential Baby, Essential Kids and Find A Babysitter.


Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly, February 2016, Ppl 2+ (Computer); Ppl 18+ (Smartphone/Tablet). Fairfax Media digital network is an un-duplicated combination of Fairfax Media Parent and Allure Media brand audiences. Other Fairfax network audiences are an un-duplicated combination of brands and channels within content genres. DRM data does not include Fairfax’s Australian national print network audience of 6.3 million readers, according to emmaTM conducted by IpsosMediaCT, people 14+, for the 12 months ending January 2016.

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