Fairfax Media Partners with TEG Analytics to Boost Audience Targeting Capabilities for Advertisers

25 July, 2016

Fairfax Media today announced an exclusive partnership between its data-driven advertising product suite, Fairfax D&A (Data & Audiences), and TEG Analytics (TEGA) to create one of the largest addressable datasets available to advertisers in Australia.

TEGA is owned by TEG, Australasia's leading ticketing, live entertainment and data analytics company. TEG also owns Ticketek, the leading ticketing partner to the sports and live entertainment industry, with more than 12 million MyTicketek members.

The partnership with Fairfax Media is the first time TEGA data has been available to advertisers in the Australian market.

Combining Fairfax D&A’s rich and premium audience data with TEGA’s consumer data allows Fairfax to deliver more powerful and targeted addressable advertising solutions.

Advertisers will be able to connect with Fairfax Media’s large digital audience of 11.6 million Australians each month* with greater levels of personalisation and targeted messaging based on consumer interests and purchase intent.

This partnership will strengthen Fairfax Media’s audience targeting capabilities by providing advertisers access to benefits such as more psychographic data, boosted cross-device capabilities and tailored segments created from nimble data collected through custom surveys.

TEGA will also benefit from unparalleled marketing insights into the media and content preferences of TEG members.

“The partnership with TEG Analytics secures valuable data that enhances Fairfax Media’s targeting capabilities through a deeper understanding of our audience’s purchasing habits and provides access to data that gives us unprecedented insights into consumer behaviour,” Fairfax Media Commercial and Marketing Services Director Tom Armstrong said.

“This partnership demonstrates our ongoing commitment to broadening our data offering to deliver even more effective marketing campaigns for advertisers.”

TEGA General Manager Andrew Reid said: “As one of the largest media networks in the country, with a company-wide approach to the strategic importance of audience data, Fairfax Media is an ideal partner for driving value across programmatic, audience insights and data-driven content production.”

Source: *Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly, May 2016, Ppl 2+(Computer); Ppl 18+ (Smartphone/Tablet)

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