Fairfax Media network reaches 13.2 million people in March; home to Australia's #1 News destination, The Sydney Morning Herald

19 May 2016

Commenting on the March 2016 emmaTM (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) survey results*, Fairfax Media’s Commercial & Marketing Services Director, Tom Armstrong, said:

“Fairfax Media’s extensive multi-platform network of news, information and entertainment reached 13.2 million people, or 7 in 10 Australians in March, according to the latest emmaTM  data. The strength and depth of our quality independent journalism and content underpins the valuable, large-scale multi-platform audiences that we connect to our advertisers.

“We are continuing to invest in digital innovation to drive the growth of Fairfax’s digital network, reaching 11.2 million people in March, which is 3.5% higher compared to the prior month.

“Australia’s number one news destination, The Sydney Morning Herald, reached 5.9 million across print and digital platforms in March, which is 1.5 million people ahead of  its nearest competitor.

The Age reached 3.4 million Australians across print and digital platforms, with a total digital audience of 2.5 million.

The Australian Financial Review reached a total masthead audience of more than 1.5 million people in March. The AFR has a strong print audience with around 1 million readers, as well as 686,000 accessing Financial Review content on a digital platform.”

This is the second month emmaTM data incorporates the new Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly (DRM), providing more accurate total cross platform and digital audience numbers, which includes mobile and tablet. Due to the change in methodology, emmaTM continues its trend break for total masthead and total digital audiences, with any digital year on year comparisons invalid for this period.

Key emmaTM monthly readership highlights for the month of March 2016 include:

Fairfax Media Total Monthly Reach^

    • 13.2 million readership across print and digital platforms
    • 11.2 million people across desktop/laptop, smartphone and tablet
    • 6.2 million people across print  

The Sydney Morning Herald Total Monthly Reach

    • 5.9 million readership across print and digital platforms
    • 4.8 million people across smh.com.au on desktop/laptop, smartphone and tablet
    • 2.1 million read the SMH in print
    • Almost 1 million people accessed the SMH in both print and on digital platforms

The Age Total Monthly Reach

    • 3.4 million readership across print and digital platforms
    • 2.5 million people across theage.com.au on desktop/laptop, smartphone and tablet
    • 1.5 million read The Age in print

The Australian Financial Review Total Monthly Reach

    • 1.5 million readership across print and digital platforms
    • 686,000 people across afr.com on desktop/laptop, smartphone and tablet
    • 939,000 read the AFR in print

Source: emmaTM (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months to March 2016, Nielsen Digital Ratings March 2016, People 14+ (^Fairfax Media total reach includes Allure Media digital properties).  


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