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November 22, 2013

Fairfax’s newspaper inserted magazines including Good Weekend, AFR Magazine, BOSS Magazine, Sunday Life,Life & Leisure Luxury and Life & Leisure The Sophisticated Traveller reach an audience of 1.7 million* informed Australians who like to spend.

Our newspaper inserted magazine portfolio delivers high value to advertisers. Our magazines enjoy an avid audience who are actively engaged in the content they read and the brands they are exposed to throughout these titles.

Our research shows that our magazine audience is high net-worth, allowing advertisers to connect with a premium audience who have money and like to spend it on the brands that advertise within our titles. In addition, our magazines drive purchase of the host newspaper due to high engagement with our quality, award winning journalism.

Fairfax Media conducted an independent reader panel to gain a better understanding of audience engagement and how that relates to advertisers and brands. The research found that:

Fairfax NIMS audience are highly engaged^

Almost 80% of our audience look forward to reading Fairfax NIM’s and over 50% say Fairfax NIM’s influence purchase of the host newspaper.

Fairfax NIMs offer advertisers the opportunity to reach an educated and affluent audience*

Fairfax readers are tertiary educated, affluent people who enjoy a variety of activities from eating out, going to the movies, travelling and are likely to be consumers of higher end goods.

Our readers are 73% more likely to have a degree and be in the A Social Grade than the average Australian.

NIMs drive action^

Almost 70% of readers have taken action as a result of seeing an ad in one of Fairfax’s NIMs.

63% of readers believe that Fairfaxs NIMs add credibility to advertising.

Over 70% said the magazines inspire them and give them ideas about things to think about, talk about and do.

Visit the NIMs Audience Study page in the Research Reports section for more information and to download the full report.

To find out how to get to this premium audience contact your Fairfax Media sales representative,
or refer to the Contact Us section.

Source: *emma September 2013; ^Fairfax NIMs Reader Surveys Nov 2013 (N=1782)

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