Fairfax Radio Network’s News Talk 3AW starts 2015 as Number One station in Melbourne winning every shift from Breakfast to Drive

March 10, 2015

2UE and 6PR both post substantial audience growth

It has been a strong start to the year for News Talk at Fairfax Radio Network, with flagship station 3AW taking the Number One radio station mantle again in Melbourne. Sydney News Talk station 2UE, which celebrates its 90th year in 2015, has continued its audience growth. 4BC’s ground breaking state election coverage saw the station attract listeners in its core Influencer demographic of 35 to 64s. Perth’s 6PR also earned significant audience growth in a proud consolidation of strength across the News Talk network, according to today’s Survey 1 results.

3AW Breakfast team Ross & John continued their grip on the record books, winning a consecutive 105 surveys with an 18.5% share and still well ahead of their competition, while Neil Mitchell still dominates Mornings with a 15.9% share. Congratulations also go to Afternoons’ Denis Walter, Drive’s Tom Elliott and their hard-working teams for winning their slots in Melbourne. The change to an Overnight network program also proved a winner with Luke Bona increasing his share by a massive 6.8% to 26.8%.

Fairfax Radio Network’s music stations Magic 1278 and Magic 882 worked hard over summer and into 2015 and held their core demographic of the Influencer 35 to 64s in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Fairfax Radio Network’s second season of cricket broadcasting over the summer period has helped attract a new audience to its Talk stations. In an Australian first for a radio station, 3AW in Melbourne offered its listeners cricket coverage on the AM station plus regular programming on its digital channel, which has proven to be a success.

“The summer period has experienced an unusually strong news cycle with the pending Bali executions of two Australians, continuing speculation on the Liberal leadership and the Queensland cyclone, all attracting audience to our News Talk stations for trusted advice and commentary on breaking news stories,” Fairfax Radio Network Content Director Clark Forbes said.

“We have been live and local all through the summer period, with our comprehensive cricket broadcast and Australian Open tennis highlights and a strong presenter line-up. The number of talk back calls coming into our stations has seen a marked increase that indicates great audience engagement.”

Fairfax Radio Network National Managing Director Adam Lang said: “Fairfax Radio Network’s ‘audience first’ strategy across its News, Talk, Music and Sport formats will continue this year. The changes we have made across our network have delivered audience growth and engagement.

“We produced even better cricket coverage and commentary for our second broadcast season, which has been a successful strategy for Fairfax Radio Network. Our commitment to innovation for our audience continues, with our Australian radio first offering at 3AW, with cricket on the AM station and regular programming on digital, which has been a positive initiative.

“Heading into Survey 2 we have our line-up in place and a strong, national offering across News, Talk, Music and Sport that consistently delivers an Informed, Intelligent and Influential brand of radio. We continue to be committed to becoming the nation’s number one information and entertainment radio network.”

During the summer of cricket, Fairfax Radio Network featured key promotions and multi-platform advertiser content solutions, including the Glenn McGrath promotion with Hardys Wines.

Fairfax Radio Network National Sales Director Nick Randall said: “Our best cricket coverage yet has seen a fantastic response from advertisers, providing the opportunity for multi-platform integration, with some genuine media firsts across our AM Talk stations and digital NTS channel, plus the ability for listeners to access our cricket coverage from the Cricket Australia website. Our recently launched new websites and m-sites, plus our multi-channelling with 3AW, demonstrates that we are innovating and will continue to do so.

“Our cricket and tennis coverage was a true success and now we head into the AFL pre-season and Grand Prix. We will keep our Informed, Influential and Intelligent audience at the centre of what we do and continue to provide a powerful proposition for our advertising partners in 2015.”

Click the link below to download the Fairfax Radio Network media release for Survey #1 2015:



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