Fairfax Media Travel Lunch, Chiswick Restaurant

Thursday October 27, 2016

Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director - Life Media & Events, hosted 40 top advertising clients at the 'Fairfax Travel Lunch' at Chiswick Restaurant on Thursday October 27, 2016.

Guests were entertained with a special appearance from Matt Moran, who spoke about the restaurant and menu. Andrew McEvoy conducted a brief Q&A with Andrew Reid, TEG Analytics on how psychographic data can drive powerful results for travel campaigns. This was followed by a panel of industry experts, moderated by Anthony Dennis, delving into whether Age or Attitude motivates and inspires travel preferences.

Panel speakers:

  • Randall Deer - ‎Managing Director, Ignite Travel Group
  • Jo Palmer - Managing Director, Gate7
  • Sarina Bratton - Chairman Asia Pacific, Ponant
  • Dan Blair - Managing Director, BDA Marketing Planning

Whether it’s ‘Age’ or ‘Attitude’ that drives travel preferences, Fairfax Media delivers a diverse and engaged audience passionate about all types of travel experiences.

Fairfax Media reaches two thirds of travel intenders: 9.8 million Australians every month. 

View the photos from the Fairfax Media Travel Lunch below.