DRX Premium Performance Network


Fairfax Media’s DRX Premium Performance Network offers a range of mass reach, cross-screen direct response media solutions, by providing advertisers and agencies with exclusive access to Australia’s most engaged and valuable audience across the Fairfax Media Digital Network.

DRX holds the winning formula of premium websites & brands with leading ad optimisation technology and exclusive Fairfax Media audience data, to deliver against specific direct response goals such as clicks, leads and acquisitions. To top it off, we have a best-in-class sales and operations team to make sure your every digital need is met with excellence.


DRX has exclusive access to Fairfax Media’s premium website, tablet, mobile and video inventory – inventory that can’t be found on any other performance network.

In addition to operating across over 300+ Fairfax Media owned and operated sites including Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Drive, BusinessDay, Life&Style, RSVP, Essential Baby, DRX can also provide advertisers access to a large number of trusted partner sites.


DRX can drive efficiencies and response by leveraging the rich and exclusive data sources of Fairfax D&A to target users throughout the purchase cycle. Target by demographics, purchase intent, lifestages or interests or layer your own first party data to retarget users already considering your brand.


DRX partners with the world’s leading ad tech vendors across display, data management and digital video to ensure all campaign’s are expertly optimised in real-time.  We use sophisticated algorithms to deliver efficient and measurable direct response outcomes to advertisers and agencies.


With a range of media buying cost models tailored to each brief, DRX offers advertisers flexible cost models to ensure campaign objectives are met efficiently. You want cost-per click... you got it! If you'd prefer CPM... easy!


We've got you covered. Video and display across:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet


Products and Solutions

Browse through our products and solutions below and discover how the DRX Premium Performance Network can work for your brand.


Visit the DRX Ad Specs page for full creative specs and deadlines of Fairfax Media's DRX Performance Network 

Visit the Behavioural Targeting Ad Specs page for creative specs and deadlines of our data-driven advertising products.

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