Fairfax Media 'Behind the Stories' Series

The 'Behind the Stories' series, provides our clients insight to ‘the stories behind the stories’ featuring Fairfax renown journalists.

The Sunflower Project - August 13th 2015

The 4th breakfast in this series, featured Fairfax Media News Director Judith Whelan interviewing photographer Kate Geraghty about covering the Malaysia Airline MH17 crash, and the special tribute of sunflower seeds she helped create for the victim’s families.

Kate McClymont - March 24th 2015

Investigative journalist Kate McClymont shared spine-tingling accounts of surviving death threats, a trip out to sea with an underworld figure, the wrath of Paul Keating and investigations of former NSW Labor minister, Eddie Obeid.

Nick McKenzie - July 1st 2015

Our first Melbourne based event in this series, explored first-hand accounts from one of The Age’s leading investigative journalists, Nick McKenzie.

Peter FitzSimons - December 1st 2014

Well-known writer and Fairfax Media columnist, Peter FitzSimons kick started our morning with his passion for the truth in the stories he writes.

2014 Press Freedom Australia Address - July 23rd 2014

Our very first event in this series saw two of our top investigative journalists from The Age, Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker, give their 2014 Press Freedom Australia Address which they presented at the WalkleyTalks in Sydney.

Whether in Melbourne or Sydney, our exclusive 'Behind the Stories' events, provide the perfect opportunity for our clients to experience Fairfax Media's editorial core.