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With over 3,500 journalists worldwide in six international bureaus, producing thousands of articles, photographs and videos each week, Fairfax Syndication manages the commercial licensing of the most comprehensive collection of content from Australia and New Zealand.

Fairfax Syndication – Business Content

Fairfax Syndication is Australia’s leading source of business content available from the nation's most influential business publications. Produced by the nation’s most trusted journalists, Fairfax Syndication offers insightful, timely, respected, independent business content for a variety of commercial uses.


Front pages are available for purchase covering elections, wars, sporting contests, conquests and the Australian way of life. Front pages from The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun Herald and The Age from 1945, as well as front pages from The Australian Financial Review from 2012, are readily available for licensing and to purchase as photographic hard copies from www.fairfaxsyndication.com

Archival front pages outside of these dates are available by contacting 1300 136 466.


Fairfax Media is at the forefront of online video and multimedia production. We offer a range of rich media solutions, allowing licensing of individual clips, slide shows and video streams across news, lifestyle, sport and entertainment.


Articles can be instantly licensed from the ‘Reprints and Permissions’ button link that appears on most online article pages. Articles can be reproduced as reprints and licensed for multiple uses such as website, newsletters, annual reports and broadcasting.

Additionally, article licensing can be obtained for all Fairfax publications from Copyright Agency Limited via Rightsportal


Articles and features from our award-winning journalists and commentators are available for license from over 300 publications, covering breaking news, sport, business, lifestyle and entertainment. Customised text packages can be licensed for a variety of uses, including one-off publishing, posting to websites as well as regular content feeds.


Fairfax Syndication has millions of award-winning images, graphics and cartoons covering the social, sporting, environmental and economic story of Australia and New Zealand, dating back to the late 1800′s. These are available for commercial licensing as well as hard copy prints available for purchase by readers.

For further information, visit www.fairfaxsyndication.com or contact 1300 136 466 or email: syndication@fairfaxmedia.com.au