MADE by Fairfax Media

MADE is Fairfax Media’s Brand and Content Studio. It leverages our extensive content creation capability across digital, newspapers and magazines, video, radio, TV, events and more to create a range of innovative content solutions for your brand.


Storytelling is our craft and quality content is our currency

We only use senior writers, contributors, designers, photographers and videographers and, where the topic requires specialist knowledge, we have the best specialist writers ready to work.
We use the same writers, contributors and producers as the Fairfax Media editorial team, and place a premium on quality control. 
We spend time briefing, sourcing and editing the best journalism in the business and have a loyal, credible team of writers and producers working across platforms and topics. We also spend a significant amount of time on ideation, including analysis of analytics and data. Because of our large and varied audience, we know what people will want to be reading about, and precisely when, across all topics.
We know what works.